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Project Director (Additional Secretary)

The Export Competitiveness for Jobs (EC4J) is a flagship project of the Ministry of Commerce financed by the World Bank Group.

The development objective of the EC4J project is to contribute to economic diversification of Bangladesh by improving competitiveness and increasing investment in high potential sector(s) with a consequential positive impact on trade, export, and employment through different interventions in targeted sectors such as Leather & Leather Goods, Footwear (leather & non-leather), Plastics and Light Engineering (Electronics, Electrical Goods, Bicycle, Automobile, Accumulators, Battery, etc.).

These sectors are selected based on the priority of Government of Bangladesh, particularly its Export Policy as well as the priorities highlighted in the 7th Five Year Plan. Improving the competitiveness of these established, less dominant but promising sectors is likely to be the main source of economic diversification; hence require favorable business environment and institutional support for improving competitiveness in order to have better access to international markets and sustain the growth.

The project has four components, while component one will mainly address Environmental, Social and Quality (ESQ) Compliance of the targeted sectors by creating ESQ awareness at sector level, providing as matching grants under Export Readiness Fund (ERF) program to address ESQ focusing on MSMEs factories.

Besides, under this component, EC4J project will undertake targeted and strategic drive to harness market opportunities utilizing state-of-the-art marketing and communication tools and mediums coupled with adequate market intelligence.

Under the component two - Four world class Technology Centre are being established which will enable improved access to modern technology and process, skills manpower and management capabilities.

Under component three, the project also will invest in construction of Public facilities to bridging the gaps in common infrastructure such as recycling, storage facilities, utility facilities, connections, connecting roads etc. Component four is the project implementation unit to manage the overall activities and implementation of the EC4J project.

It is expected that all of the above interventions will attract private investment, promote trade and export and stimulate MSMEs growth. Ultimately, highly contribute to achieve diversified and exponential exports growth and create 90000 more and better jobs.

In brief the EC4J project aims to improve ESQ compliance standards and branding Bangladesh as preferred and attractive sourcing destination. Enabling access to modern technologies, enhancing common infrastructure in order to boost exports. We need support from all the stakeholders.