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PIFIC Program

Public Investment Facility for Infrastructure Constraints (PIFIC), a component of Export Competitiveness for Jobs (EC4J)Project.  

The objective of PIFIC is to address infrastructure constraints negatively affecting the development and export of leather& leather goods, footwear (leather& on-leather), light engineering(electrical, electronic, battery and accumulators, automobiles, bicycle, foundry) and plastics industrial sectors.
The PIFIC will develop an infrastructure pipeline and operate as filtering, prioritization, and selection mechanism for projects that address industry-specific infrastructure constraints of micros, small and medium-sized enterprises that are direct or indirect exporters of the industrial clusters within the sectors.

The PIFIC will support the development of selected infrastructures in industrial clusters of the targeted sectors such as connecting Technology Centre with utility services, constructing access roads affecting clusters of production, establishing common recycling managements facilities and storage facility, last-mile connectivity, linked to power & water provision-cold storage/recycling facility, etc.
The estimated budget available for projects is US$40 million and it will cover approximately 20 infrastructure projects.      PIFIC Web Link

PIFIC Program